[WTS] Thanatos Carrier - SOLD (CLOSED)

Make me an offer. Located in low security system (0.3).

Post all offers on this thread or contact me in game as well.

1 bill

2bill isk

2.1b i’d take it

Current high offer is 2.1B from Fredrick RGC1


Current high offer is 2.5B from Bilquis Jita

No other offers on this fine, fine, carrier?

2.6B offer

Current high offer is 2.6B from Machinator Ohayo

To be clear I am simply taking offers here to see if I can get enough to let the old ship go.

EDIT: We must get above market order normal costs if I am to leave the legacy rigs on it. If not I get to repackage it before the transfer =p

4BIL reserve for ship fitted as is.

2.6BIL is good for the hull.

If no one else places an offer then Machinator Ohayo has first right of refusal on the hull.

Any and all offers welcome for the ship fit as it is. Please keep them coming. 4B reserve.

Offer in game accepted. Thanatos sold.

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