SOLD Please Delete

I have possession of a 10+ year old Thanatos carrier with 3 Large Capital Control Circuits installed. As of 2009 it has been impossible to install these on capital ships. There isn’t too many of these left so I’m asking 4 bil negotiable for it. Its sitting in low-sec currently and I will contract it out to insure against any scams.

EDIT: dropping the price to 1.5 bil

There are a LOT of them left, so currently they arn’t worth anything over normal rig prices.


Ah my bad, I coulda swore there werent many left, in that case I’ll only ask 1.5 bil for it

if you contract it to me in game ill accept it when i can get online next :slight_smile: ill go 1.6 bil

Done and done :slight_smile:

Thank you, ill accept when i get home from work :slight_smile:

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