WTS Full Thanatos BPO set


I’m returning to the game and selling my full Thanatos carrier BPO set (13 total)
Perfect if you want to start building capital ships

Capital armor plates BPO 9/12
Capital capacitor battery BPO 9/14
Capital computer system BPO 9/14
Capital construction parts BPO 9/14
Capital corporate hangar bay BPO 9/14
Capital drone bay BPO 9/18
Capital jump drive BPO 9/14
Capital power generator BPO 9/14
Capital propulsion engine BPO 9/14
Capital sensor cluster BPO 9/16
Capital shield emitter BPO 9/14
Capital ship maintenance BPO 9/14
Thanatos BPO 8/12

I do not wish to sell the BPOs separately, this is a pack offer.
I don’t have a price in mind because I’m not really sure of the value, so collecting offers for now.

Location : Jita IV

Shameless bump, still for sale.

1.5 bil bid

Bumping, still for sale

2bil bid


3bil bid