WTS Abyssal Ballistic Control System

It’s the best I’ve ever rolled, and the CPU fitting is not bad either. The total damage mod is 30.87%, while Estamel’s is ‘only’ 28.65%.


Give me some serious prices please, even if you don’t want to buy. I’m keen to know the value of this…

you are roughly looking at a 3 bil BCU, sadly you can go off officer mod damage anymore since their price now just relates to their rarity in the game, but rolling a good BCU like this is still pretty good, good luck in selling it though, someone will eventually want one like this :slight_smile:

https://mutaplasmid.space/ <<<< good marketing tool for abysals, pretty accurate

Thanks :slight_smile: I checked out the website, and you are right, most prices seem to be between 3 and 4 billion ISK

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