WTS Abyssal Corpus X-type Heavy Neutralizer, 38.37km range, Perfect fitting rolls, 754GJ drain 356GJ activate

Looking for a fair price, willing to accept trades/plex/etc

this badboy will hit out to 149km in a curse with max stats, if I recall correctly, and outranges capital neuts by 2.6km. Has better all-around stats than any non-abyssal officer neut and ALL officer neuts. I’ve seen two other abyssal neuts that outrange it in-game, but none with rolls this good


I’m not setting a price because I’m not exactly sure what to value it at, but please don’t lowball me, it’ll just be wasting your own time. I’m happy to haggle and whatnot but please be respectful and reasonable, this is one of the best heavy neuts in existence, so I will not trade it for 3b or a Charon hull or whatever. That being said, throw me an offer, as I’d like to sell this thing sooner rather than later.

Feel free to post here, or send me a PM! It’s located at Jita 4-4, ofc. This is posted on an alt I don’t play accidentally, so don’t try to contact it ingame, contact me ingame via my main, Visavis Qed

5.5b isk or will trade for 2 phoenix hulls?

I had to think about it but I’m gonna have to say no. is there anyone who could just offer an impartial valuation on this thing, ‘Luckily, my pal is an EXPERT on Abyssal Large Energy Neutralizers! expert’ Pawn Stars style? I honestly don’t know what it’s worth besides ‘a lot’, I don’t want to rip anyone off with it but I don’t want to get ripped off either

Check out abyssal trades discord. Good appraisers there

Honestly speaking you could probably get 3.5b-4b for that mod in my honest opinion, If you wait long enough you may be able to get more for it

Here is a link to the Abyssal Appraisal Discord: Abyssal Trading

mail sent

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