WTS Abyssal Neut best in game atm. BETTER THAN DRACLIRA. Perfect for Chemosh

Price is 7 bill or best offer

TY for looking.

That’s very very very far from the best neut in the game, lol

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I think you underestimate how much of a PG hit that is…

its’s half the activation cost and 100 GJ more neut amount than any other abyssal mod on the market. Are you gonna fit this on a BS? Probably not because of PG but its perfect for a capital ship that can handle 700 extra PG

RANGE on a heavy neut is the Primary isk maker for a sale, yours has like no bonus rest of it is good though but no way worth 7b

my serious offer is 1b isk to get you started with a contract your free to make to me.

I have like 3 neuts that are better than that with max range, market doesn’t mean anything. You can just say best on market - and I don’t think that’s true either.

how is that perfect for the chemosh??? its not a capital neut

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