WTS Abyssal L Neut (Better than Draclira Meta 17)

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #1

Made from Corpus X-Type

Activation cost - 440.75 GJ
Optimal RAnge - 33.28 KM
Neutralization Amount - 672.12 GJ

CPU - 36.826
Powergrid Usage - 2906.68

Make me a good offer. It’s better than any officer mod in game.

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #2

It is now on contracts in Jita

It is significantly better than Draclira’s L Neut (meta 17), the last one it seems sold for 4.1b.

(Intriguing Stranger) #3

Not quite the best my friend, still a good price

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #4

Congrats, very nice, that has to be worth close to 10b.

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #5

A bump

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #6

bump up

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #7

No longer on contracts, accepting offers

(Orphilia en Cedoulain) #8

to the top


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