WTS Abyssal Mods , God Rolled 10mn ab inside!

Corelum A based 10mn ab Priced at 25 Bill

Shadow Serp Based Mag stab 31% damage Bonus ( Sold )

Centum A based Medium Energy Neutralizer ( SOLD )

Gravid Mistake Rolled Hakims Web ( SOLD )

All Prices Negotiable with sensible offers

Still For Sale !

I’ll buy this for 2.5 bil. ISK. Contract it to me! In-game name: Paulino Paulio.

Sorry not a chance ill sell it for 2.5 bill

But thanx for the free bump

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Happy New Year

Yet Another Day

Mag Stab Sold . Post Updated


What a Day

Open To Sensible Offers

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Open To Sensible Offers

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Open To Offers

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Taking Offers

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