WTS Abyssal Mods

No hard set price, make me an offer and we’ll go from there. Letting them go for cheap.
1 A1
2 A2
3 a3
4 a4
5 a5

To the top

Still for sale. Make an offer on any of them. Reasonable prices.

Still for sale, willing to discuss any offer.

Still up for grabs.

To the top.

How much for 4th web?

Ill take 400m for it. @Avallah

Edit: Lowered price to match the correct item.

I will pass, thanks

to the top, still for sale

Let’s discuss an offer.

No.1 50 mil starting offer. Keep in mind I’m on vacation right now you will have to wait a week or two for me to accept the offer so I will understand if you decide to pick someone else :slight_smile:

Bid noted, lower than I’m wanting for that one though.

I fully excepted that. Inform me if I get outbid

Bump, still up for grabs.

Still receiving offers.

Offers are still coming in, buy yours today. Going cheap.

Still for sale

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