WTS/WTA - Abyssal Stasis Web, near perfect range/strength

(Kalaratiri) #1

As title.


Starting price - 6b
Current bid -
Buyout price - 8b

Post here or mail me with offers. 100m increments.

Serious offers only please, I’ll be taking bids for the next 3 days as of this post, winner receiving the web on Friday.

(Kalaratiri) #2

Still for sale. Perfect for your blingy Marshal/Vindi/Victor/Molok!

(Kalaratiri) #3

Still for sale. Assuming no offers before the deadline, I will extend it.

(Kalaratiri) #4

Still available for a good home.

(Lucas hurley) #5

Whats the lowest your willing to go

(Kalaratiri) #6

Ideally 6b tbh, but could potentially be argued down to 5.5 or 5b if you’re going to do something cool with it. Absolutely no lower than 5b.

(Moe Shakiel) #7

dont want to lowball u , but there are 16,5k and 63,9% for 1,75b , so u should prob. lower u expectations

(Kalaratiri) #8

Got a link for me? I compared prices to webs on the in-game contract system, haven’t had time to go through a bunch of forum posts though.

(Lucas hurley) #9