WTS/WTA - Abyssal Stasis Web, near perfect range/strength

As title.


Starting price - 6b
Current bid -
Buyout price - 8b

Post here or mail me with offers. 100m increments.

Serious offers only please, I’ll be taking bids for the next 3 days as of this post, winner receiving the web on Friday.

Still for sale. Perfect for your blingy Marshal/Vindi/Victor/Molok!

Still for sale. Assuming no offers before the deadline, I will extend it.

Still available for a good home.

Whats the lowest your willing to go

Ideally 6b tbh, but could potentially be argued down to 5.5 or 5b if you’re going to do something cool with it. Absolutely no lower than 5b.

dont want to lowball u , but there are 16,5k and 63,9% for 1,75b , so u should prob. lower u expectations

Got a link for me? I compared prices to webs on the in-game contract system, haven’t had time to go through a bunch of forum posts though.


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