WTS Adrestia - UTU - Guardian Vexor

In-game offers welcome. When i don’t reply your bid is too low.

You seem rather rude.


This going to be good. Interested in Guardian Vexor but curious about other offers.

Just post prices sigh

75 B for the UTU

lmao when he wants upwards of 250b for the utu alone…good meme

No serious offers till now

50 B for the utu

25b for the utu if the dude above me falls through

100b Guardian vexor


Guardian Vexor is garbage id take that offer while you can.

ok 101b

still available

go get them

Price lowered!


Being honest, what’s the vexor price range. I won’t buy just curious. Thanks :+1:

vexor 600
Adrestia 500