WTS Aeon (L rigs) - Ignoitton (SOLD)

Docked in Ignoitton Keepstar

Right now it is fitted with L CCC rigs (from before Trimarks were meta).

Available for 25b for hull with current rigs - for any questions please reply or contact ingame. Capital Trimarks, fighters and basic travel fit also available on request at a reasonable price.

25b offer

Thanks for the offer - looking for a bit more than that, although I’m willing to consider something in between.

Sent a mail ingame to see if there is a deal to be done here…

Reduced to 27b to be more in line with other currently open sales and put it on Contracts ingame for anyone who prefers buying that way.

Still available

Offers still welcome

Reduced to 26b

Still cheapest offered either on the forum or on contracts ingame - feel free to reply here or contact ingame, if any interest/offers.

Large rigs thought aeon was a super and needed cap rigs

Diferrent rig sizes by ship class were introduced in 2013. For any ships that have had rigs fitted before that patch, these now show up as large rigs, but have the same effect as the corresponding rigs of the appropriate size.

This particular ship was built and fitted in 2006, before Trimarks were meta. I know that the CCC rigs it has now are not particularly useful today, just leaving them on in case someone wants them for the novelty value. Happy to include capital trimarks on request.

23b offer, valid 24 hours

I would check if this offer is still valid.

Still available - and sent a mail ingame about the earlier offer to see, if he’s still looking.

Bump - and price is now 25b

Sold, thanks everyone for the interest.

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