WTS all parts for a Keepstar + bpc 9/8 - 199b

WTS 2258 parts to produce a Keepstar + BPC 9/8 + 2x medium structure t1 rigs ME/TE. Parts are prepared in quanity to manufacture Keepstar in a Raitaru if you install the rigs from the contract.

All 1j from Jita in NPC station.
Price 199b.

Msg me in game if you are interested.


Still for sale

190b offer

Made contract to Drengr Fenrir

can you haul it to jita ?

No. Pick it form current station.
You have 3 days for it before it will go to market again.

in a raituru, not sketch at all

Put it up on market again then :slight_smile: i dont like the raituru idea

Pick up is in NPC station.
But ok, contract is on the market again.

Still for sale

Still for sale

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