WTS Keepstar

WTS Keepstar, currently packaged and in HS. PM me or Evemail me for details.

Serious offers only. Contact me before you try and contract me, or you’ll be ignored.


Gotten a few eve-mails, still shopping it around.

I’m asking about cost for the structure… Keep in mind reasonable BPCs run 20-25b, and instal costs run about the same.

Again, the keepstar is packaged not anchored, and is safely in High Sec.

Not to be that guy, but there are 9 ME BPCs out there for 8 bill right now. What are you looking to get for it ballpark?

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Trade for a Vendetta?

150b offer

Just noticed that, and you’re right. I see those at 8.5… I thought I was getting a steal a few months back at 20, but it looks like the prices have come down as demand for copies has come down (and fewer people are using them). I was looking at the 200B range, likely willing to drop to 190 to acknowledge that the BPC is 10B cheaper than when I built.


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