WTS - Amarr 6M SP Starter

Here’s his skill link

NPC Corp, Positive Wallet, No Kill rights, Has 3 Remaps Available, Never lost a ship or Pod., Parked in Amarr Trade Hub.

He was used as a High Sec side kick (2nd Account) and did the following

  1. Has One LEVEL 4 Agent near AMARR due to helping with missions.
  2. GILA as backup with T2 Drones at around 450DPS
  3. Noctis with 68k Range and T1 Salvagers/Drone
  4. Mining Barge IV with T2 Lasers (decent mining support skills.)
  5. Mining Frigate V, 7 Days to Prospect if that’s a thing for you.

All around decent toon to use as a first starter or backup and not worry too much about him.

4.5B Buyout or not interested.

still got it

Yes, just posted…
You want him transferred tonight… I have time EST

4bil offer

Add another 500m and I’ll transfer him now.


ill take it if he dosent

first one who confirms with the 4.5B buyout post in the thread.

4.5bill biout

Cool, send ISK and account information to this character and I will transfer and confirm back in thread

wating on plex to sell sorry for the delay

no worries at all.
I’m playing my main in game

isk sent

Just transferred him to your account sent via in game email.
You may get an email, otherwise it’s a 10 hour wait most times before it’s in your account.

Thanks for the quick sale.

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