WTS Ark and other ships

Selling Ark in Tama station for 11.5b.

Also selling Apostle and Lif - with fits or hull, open to offers.

Also selling misc other ships ( https://puu.sh/yR34i/c16af22a1a.jpg2 ) - will only sell these with fits, but willing to sell for cheap.

The ark and any subcaps can be moved to adjacent high sec system easily.

Please mail me if interested in any of this. Motivated to sell.

arks are selling for cheaper than 11.5 why would some1 buy one in the most pvp’ed system in eve… nice work

Arks were 11.5b in Jita when this was posted. Also, the Ark can be moved to highsec if required.

I am entirely willing to listen to reasonable offers.

To the top.

How much for all an that screenshot?

Mail me.

Why not just you mail me with your price?

mail send

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