Hello there

I’m looking to sell my Ark alt as I never use her and I could use the liquidity


Amarr Freighter 5
Armor Layering 5
Cybernetics 5
Evasive Maneuvering 5
Cap Management 5
Only 8d left on JFC 5

25k unused free SP

Solid DST/BR alt with Cloaking 4. Doubles as a fuel truck alt for blops, which I rarely do these days.

17b b/o

5 bill

looking for more than 5b obviously


8 bil.

daily bump!

9 billion

9.5 billion

thanks for the bids but im looking for more

12 billion?

i’m looking for at least 14-5b tbh

ill leave it :slight_smile: gl selling

12b is your highest offer?

can do 12.5 billion

i will keep in mind


14 bil

if you can do 15b i’ll close this out right now


offer still stands