WTS assortment of BPOs (capital & cap component BPO's too) - NEW: Ark BPC for sale

Blueprints are still for sale!

Listed blueprints still for sale!

Blueprints are still for sale!

Siege Module I, Triage Module I, Drone Bay, Shield Emmiter, Propulsion Engine, and a Chimera, Mail me in game

Mail sent

Thanks for your purchase @Alec_Niminen !

List of available blueprints updated, along with bulk buyout for remaining Capital Component BPOs.

Listed blueprints are still for sale! Bulk discounts are available!

Blueprints are for sale!

offer for all Capital BPOs sent via mail!

Replied via mail.

Replied , good luck on the sale!

would you give me a deal on:

capital capacitor battery
capital cargo bay
capital drone bay
capital construction parts
capital sensor cluster
capital armor plates

Mail sent.

Thanks for your purchase! :slight_smile:

Blueprints still for sale!

Blueprints are still for sale! Contact here on in game.

Blueprints still for sale!

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