WTS AT-viable MWD and LAR for flagships

Large Armour Repairers:

Module #4 activation 474.88 duration 14.01 hp repaired 1384.86 cpu 61.047 grid 3003.84 $10bn
(based on Core X type LAR normal duration 16 normal hp repaired 1288)
Way better ehp/sec, higher cap and fitting.


Module #4 Activation 281.856 Max velocity 547.7 Sig radius 341 cpu 82.47 grid 1976.812 $30bn
(based on Gist X-type 500mn normal activation 320 max velocity 520)
Much faster than even an officer mwd, cheaper activation, more fitting needed. This thing is a beast.

Contracts up in Jita under character “Stibbins”, no negotiating.

Aim high.

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