WTS Setele's Modified Large Armor Repairer

I am asking for 1.8B, which is 200M below market price (atm).
Anyone interested can please eve-mail Flara Pediati or reply here.
Thanks, o7
Ask me if you need a lower price.

bumpy :slight_smile:

updated to 1.7B for anyone who needs a very good large armor rep for marauders or faction battleships or mission blops or whatever

bump it up, for 1.6b now
it uses less cap than the x-type stuff, for almost as much rep

Still wanting 1.6B for the officer Armor Rep (Jita Price 2B)

still looking

1.6B is 20% off market price, perfect for abyssal rolling on your armor AT flagships.

Still available for 1,600,000,000 ISK, message Flara Pediati or myself in game to get it arranged, or reply here.

I am available for negotiations for price. Still looking. Gosh dang it selling these things is a pain.

I will lower to 1.5B. The module also has great fitting stats.


yyet of yeet rip stabber :frowning:
combat recons are stupid

I reaaaallly need ISK. PLEASE send me a mail if you are interested in this niche module. Maybe not even for fitting, maybe you could buy it off me and turn a profit with it. That was my idea, but my fast-paced market strategy doesn’t like that :/.

still going. 1.5b offer

1.5b anyone?

Offer 400m

no sir, only 1.5b accepted
I am not going to lose my precious profit on this

corpux x type are better then this and you ask for a price no one would actually pay if he can read. This 400m is lowball but 1bil will be MAX you are getting here on the forum as people here read alot of pricing etc.

400m isn’t that low. Core X type is a better repper, selling for 550 at the moment. Only reason to buy this one is if you’re having pg issues, that’s rare on a ship worth fitting a bling repper to and is fixed by a 50m implant. Realistically the best market price is 500m less taxes and time waiting for a very niche item to sell. You could list it on the market and wait or take my 400 now but no one sensible is going to give you 1b for it.

well now thanks to you no one will buy it. I was hoping to turn a profit on a stupid “opportunity” that I got.
I bought it at 750m on a hypernet offer with a 50/50 shot
apparently a bad choice.
I want to sell it at 1.5b so I can at least break even on the investment.
Also I realllly need isk for FW solo right now.