WTS Athanor

WTS an unanchoring (but can stop the countdown if needed) Athanor in Vouskiaho. Wanting to sell it for 750M or best offer. Please send me an EVE-Mail if this interest you, or a convo in game on Tigerminer Miromme, or this character’s name.

Thanks for your time,


Here is the details of the moon it is sitting beside.

Moon Moon Product Quantity Ore TypeID SolarSystemID PlanetID MoonID
Vouskiaho V - Moon 16
Brilliant Gneiss 0.409980922937 46679 30000193 40012230 40012246
Stable Veldspar 0.380990624428 46689 30000193 40012230 40012246
Zeolites 0.209028467536 45490 30000193 40012230 40012246

Station SOLD!!

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