WTS Avatar BPO

(Opus's Slave) #1

Avatar 6/8. Mail me offers.

(Cloon McCloon) #2

Will offer 70b

(Master Vault Azoun) #3

71 Bill

(Opus's Slave) #4

Bump. Highest offer now 73b.

Edit: Highest offer now 76b; 22:14 EVE-Time

(Master Vault Azoun) #5


(Loney) #6

Opus’s SlaveOpus_s_Slave Avatar 6/8. Mail me offers.

Bid 77 billion

(Haleuth) #7

80b. That is more than the cost you researched.

(Opus's Slave) #8

80b is the high bid. I will be putting the contract up in a few hours when I’m available, unless outbid.

(ExplosivesNovice) #9

81b if its not gone yet

(Loney) #10

Sent in an email: 82b, contract to me when ready.

(Opus's Slave) #11


(system) #12

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