WTS Avatar Crimson Harvest YC118 Skin

(Space Herpes Jr) #1

Avatar Crimson Harvest YC118 Skin for sale, 32b. Skin is located in Jita.

Jita price is currently 34.8b


(Mira Xadi) #2

Where do you see that value at? It’s never sold for more then 11b

Im interested but not at that price.

Contract it at a historical sell price and I’ll buy it. Hell I’ll give you more then what the highest sell was at 11 square

(Tatyana Howell) #3

Will pay 8b and add a couple of mach hex skins

(Space Herpes Jr) #4

Looking for offers closer to posted sell price. Thanks guys!

(Space Herpes Jr) #5

Bump, thanks for the offers. Edited to reflect correct Jita sell price.

(Space Herpes Jr) #6