[WTS] - Avatar & Revelation PERFECT character

Selling my pride and joy…

PERFECT Avatar and Revelation pilot, no wasted skillpoints.

  • Positive Wallet
  • Full HG Amulet in Jita
  • 7 Avatar SKINS


I don’t have a figure in my head at the moment, but i won’t be engaging with any lowball offers. Serious offers only please and they better be high!


Don’t need another Avatar pilot, but wanted to say that’s a nicely tightly trained toon. Hope you get what you’re looking for.

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70b =@)

Appreciate it!


up to the top, any interest?

Any interest

To the top!

You got a rough idea what you’re looking to get?

I want an offer I cannot refuse. I don’t have a ballpark in my head at the moment.

To the top!

bump bump bump

bump bump

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80B until tomorrow


to the top!