WTS Avatar + T2 Trimarks 45 Bill OBO

Ship is in M-Z keepstar in Immensea

bump to the ^^

Bumpity bump bump

Make me an offer I can’t refuse

dropping the price to 45 for a limited time, get a deal

Bumpity bump

Would you be intrested in 40 billion isk worth of capital blue prints , and isk ?

Possibly, lmk what you are interested in trading. This isn’t a fire sale FYI so 40 is going to be low unless you’re filling gaps

messaged ingame

Why do I still own this thing? Let’s go people!

Still available. bumpity bump bump.
BPO guy never responded

Someone make me an offer. I just might accept it.

This thing is low mileage, fresh oil change, tires recently rotated. Driver seat requires reapolstry due to driving it like it was stolen. Dice in the rearview mirror available upon request.

Bumper Cars


could you bring to Basgerin?

Not for this price no

How about 50B?

The ship has sold

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