WTS Avatar - D-PNP9 - 115B Hull (T2 Rig)

Selling my Avatar w/T2 rigs. Located in D-PNP9.

Bump Bump

Still for sale?

If so just contract it to me please for 75bill.


I’m also interested, I can give 76B

Bump - price updated.

Bump, price updated to 120B for hull, 140 with mods.

Hyper nyx + some misc extras on it + 60b for avatar

80+ Nyx.

if u get the avatar in t5z i can probably , maybe give u +70

Price lowered to 115B.

Scarcity is ending, y’all are moving to the other side of Eve. What is your drop dead price on this hull?

I’ve turned down 105… just saying.

80b for hull

85 for the hull

110B and you travel.

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