WTS Avatar and Nyx Rigged hulls 1DQ-Delve

WTS Avatar and Nyx Rigged hulls 1DQ-Delve

Armor rigs,
Located in: Imperial Palace keepstar.

How much?

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Make me an offer

bump. :slight_smile:


75b offer


My old friend @To0bE thanks for your offer, is nice to seeing you again, however I’m not sure is that the correct price for it.

For the record: I’ve received multiple ingame offers and we’re currently negotiating.

2.- I’d gladly accept Skill injectors, plex, faction modules, stations or even chars.


Daily bump

80 then?

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Idk let’s say I’ll accept 120 for both, Nyx and Avatar.
I don’t mind waiting, I’m not desperate for selling them. However, thank you for your offer.


Mail sent in game.

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Bump. 110 for them. :love_you_gesture:



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105b for both, contract to me if you agree

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Hi o7

In these days I got five same offers from five different bidders. I’m making this post so you all bidders know what’s happening.

1.- I can’t sell to the five buyers for the same price.
2.- I won’t choose randomly a winner.

In which case, the best bidder gets both caps: Avatar and Nyx, plus a new Revelation hull, for the winner.

Bid: 110
One offer for: 115 after I explained what was happening and before writing this.
Buyout: ¿?

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me or write below here. Sorry for trouble, it’s easier for me this way.

¡Buump! !Bump! !Bump!

111 bo? :slight_smile:

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LoL you should not sell it for less than 120 bil atleast nyx goes for 25 bil minimum and avatar for 95-100 , but its in goon area so better sell them only or else asset safety costs will be 10-15 bil atleast

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A guy from lowsec contact me and he was very interested for the titan. He was so interested that he accepted the full price without asking further questions. ¡But wait! ¡There was something wrong! He didn’t read carefully… just before creating the contract, he messaged me and asked for the location of the titan, “just to be sure where it is” he said. He believed it was in an NPC station (palmface) I offered doing the asset safety trick because you could tell how real he wished it. I didn’t know if he’d accept or not.
In the end, we knew it was a waste of isk and he’d only buy my caps from NPC stations. ¡Close one! :rolf:
It was so good and fast to be true… ¡Very funny experience! This is why i play eve.

P.S. ¡Read! It could save you some billions. :wink:

Current bid: 115. (Waiting for the other bidders call)
Status: Open.
Assets total worth: 140 - 160 billion (Avatar, Nyx): TII Armor rigs. (Revelation): Hull.
Location: 1DQ Keepstar - Delve.
Accepting: Plex, injectors, ISK, trades, other.

I’m a very chill guy, I’m not in a rush for selling. However, probably, i’ll be quitting eve next year.
You cannot have my stuff. XD (You can have my stuff only if you buy it, except for the Rev. that’s a free gift for the winner)
Maybe they will just be there gathering dust :rolf:

Fly safe o7
Merry Christmas.

whats your trade rate for plex?
bidding 120b in plex @2.925.500 isk

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