WTS Avatar and Nyx Rigged hulls 1DQ-Delve

116? :slight_smile:

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That gentleman sounds like a tool. Good luck with your sale.

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Hello friends, how are you today? Enjoying Christmas?

@Der_Gummler Hello my friend, thank you for participating ¡Nice Zkillboard you got there! If you’re pleased on transforming that into liquid isk, you would be the highest bidder. However, I think @To0bE is winning right now, bidding 116 billion.

This is getting very exciting.:love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

P.S. Those caps have a sentimental value for me, as I built them with a little help from the Initiative capital commander Dark Shines, and also they were my first caps. o7

I have some bad news for you.

Those ships will be flipped very soon in Imperium market channel by the most well know Imperium market ■■■■■■/flipper.

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merry christmas to you too,
in your previous post you wrote plex trade is accepted, let me know if that has changed

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It hasn’t changed.

I’m back, sorry for the delay.

received your ingame mail and responded

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