T2 Trimarks + Fuel + Nestor + One flight of fighters
Located in R1O, horde Keepstar
20b obo pm me or reply on this thread


Sorry, you joined 2 hours ago to tell me my prices are overpriced? In that case I’m selling a Nyx hull alone for 20b, plus https://evepraisal.com/a/wecwr all of the fitting for 7.5b.

Price now 30b
Price back down to 27.5b after some deliberations
Moving fit to jita to sell myself, hull + freebies going for 20b now

If this isn’t taken soon the nestor is going to be sold and the hull will still be 20b

Buyer found, being sold on Friday unless someone else can show me the iskies before then

Going in 3 days if nobody takes it!

Going in 2 days

Can someone close this topic? Nyx has been sold.

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