WTS Nyx (for sale in Stain / Catch / Esoteria region)

The Nyx is fully PVP armor doctrine fit, including all supplementaries, Tech 2 fighters / support fighters (plus extra sets) and a refitting nestor. Apart from region specific fighters for ratting, it would be very unlikely you will need to buy anything in addition to what is already in here.


Appraised at 34,6B, Ask price, 32B

I can sell it with only the hull and trimarks and fuel, in that case the price is at 19B

Anything in between is also an option, contact me and we can discuss.

In order to buy it you must be blue to TEST alliance, or alternatively find a trusted 3rd party (Chribba, though I am not sure if he still does this).

Interested in Hull only, would you do 18bil for Hull with rigs if you could move it to a lowsec citadel where we both had access to make a contract for it?

Not sure if there’s a lowsec freeport keepstar available near Amarr. You tell me and I’ll check.

Hull with rigs will be 19B

Bump: will sell for 18,5B hull + trimarks in aforementioned region

Bump, still for sale

I sent you an in-game mail about the nyx.

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