WTS ) Avtar / rev 45m Toon


b/o 42B

This seller is using his alts to bid on his own sales thread. His alts include “Heimdall Hughes”, “Black Manggo” and “death 5tar”. As you can see in the following thread, he uses his alts to bid on this own sales thread:

This guy is a scammer. Can we close this thread? @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

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They’re all my alts and they’re all resold. Is that a problem?

I uploaded it fairly and there is no problem.

31B B/O Isk ready now

31.5b offer




35B for the next 24hrs

Isk ready



new offer, button of post


offer b/o - contact me for char transfer name, isk will be sent on confimation of acceptence of offer

you have 24 hours to reply or i will move on

"death 5tar " send isk…

isk send, transfer account to pedersen21

It will be transferred within 5 hours of confirmation.

Transfer completed.
Take care

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