WTS 54M SP NYX/FAX/Rorq pilot


In NPC corp, positive wallet, positive sec status, no kill rights, no jump clones.
1 yearly neural remap available
Located in Amarr

4.4M sp in Armor
11.5M sp in drones
4.4M sp in engineering
Gallente Carrier to 5
Tactical logistics reconfiguration to 5
Jump fuel calibration to 5
Jump drive calibration to 5
Capital industrial ships to 4
several other skills to 5 as well

Asking 46 Bil ISK

35bil offer

36bil offer


He’s worth more than being extracted for SP, and makes a great capital alt. Looking for serious offers, Thanks.

Ill pay extractor value. You safe taxes both win

Bump up

Would you be willing to wait a week or two? I cant afford it atm but would like to purchase if not sold by then.

38 bil

38.5B ISK ready

39 bil

Willing to wait unless I receive an offer matching my asking price.

40 Bill


41 bill


42bill total property… plz

46bill !

46B offer accepted. I will initiate transfer once I’m home from work (us tz, about 4 more hours) and ISK recieved.

46bill transfer completed

Please check your mail.