WTS Band.Of.Brothers Alliance

(Ipowimo) #1

Wanting to sell Band.Of.Brothers. Alliance.
Has been created 6 months ago, and ready for alliance logo.
0 killboard activity (fresh). Won’t even show up on Zkillboard.
Can come with the following corps:
101st Airborne HQ
101st Airborne Easy Company
101st Airborne Lazy Company.
This is basically the only remaining corp that has a ticker and name to make sense from old BOB. As GSF members blocked all others when they "BOB’ed " it.

Contact via Discord https://discord.gg/8GUsywv

(Ipowimo) #2

Still taking offers.

(Jona Ambramotte) #3

2.5 bil

(Ipowimo) #4

Accepted. Join Exec corp, send payment to CEO, I will resign as CEO and then leave corp. No Shares created.

(Ipowimo) #5

Isk Transferred and Exec Corp and Alliance transferred to buyer.

(system) #6

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