WTS - Alliance: <B.O.B> Band Of Brothers

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #1

6 Months aged and ready for Alliance Logo
0 Kill activity (Clean)

Comes with the Following corps:
101HQ - 101st Airborne HQ
101EZ - 101st Airborne Eazy Company
101LZ - 101st Airborne Lazy Company

All this for the taking at a low 2.2 Bil price. Alliance has max capacity.

Keep in mind that this took 6 plus months without any of the toons being in a conflict, killing, being killed, using cynos, etc, so pls no lowball offers.

(Steveo Mowi) #2

Keep in mind back in early 2000 was already a alliance called Band of Brothers with the Ticker BOB, due to historical facts of eve prob. Nobody will buy a alliance with that name anymore

(Krytan Reborn) #3

cool idea, best of luck to ya… Band Of Brothers is my fav mini series

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #4

The significance is under the orders of Mitanni all of the BOB names were duped blocking BOB to recreate the alliance, but they forgot this one.

And I am fully aware of who BOB was, since their now NC. mostly.

(Dart Lady) #5


Still for sale?

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #6

It sure is, I sent you a mail with other toons you can contact as well. Alliance is under DivineSpirit CEO.

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #7

Still for sale.

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #8


(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #9

Still Available

(Movine Lotsa Veldspar) #10


(Jonas Antollare) #11

have you sold this? given none of the corps exist anymore?

(Jona Ambramotte) #12

Hello, Still for sale?

(system) #13

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