WTS - Alliance: <B.O.B> Band Of Brothers

6 Months aged and ready for Alliance Logo
0 Kill activity (Clean)

Comes with the Following corps:
101HQ - 101st Airborne HQ
101EZ - 101st Airborne Eazy Company
101LZ - 101st Airborne Lazy Company

All this for the taking at a low 2.2 Bil price. Alliance has max capacity.

Keep in mind that this took 6 plus months without any of the toons being in a conflict, killing, being killed, using cynos, etc, so pls no lowball offers.

Keep in mind back in early 2000 was already a alliance called Band of Brothers with the Ticker BOB, due to historical facts of eve prob. Nobody will buy a alliance with that name anymore

cool idea, best of luck to ya… Band Of Brothers is my fav mini series

The significance is under the orders of Mitanni all of the BOB names were duped blocking BOB to recreate the alliance, but they forgot this one.

And I am fully aware of who BOB was, since their now NC. mostly.


Still for sale?

It sure is, I sent you a mail with other toons you can contact as well. Alliance is under DivineSpirit CEO.

Still for sale.


Still Available


have you sold this? given none of the corps exist anymore?

Hello, Still for sale?

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