WTS Bestla 190B[Finished]

WTS Bestla jita 4-4 190B

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WTS Bestla 190B

I’ll take it for 175. Contract to this char

bump,175bil is lower than what I think…

You are not allowed in this forum to sell items for Plex.

Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum.

So you can trade Plex for Isk, but not Items for Plex.

You’ll have to repeat what you said here, it got hidden by the gm

Can’t you make a wtt contract requesting plex in exchange? What went wrong?

190 is a crazy price though. We gotta meet somewhere in the middle. At 4.8m your plex value would have equaled about 182b, how’s that sound?

if 185,that’s OK for me

Wait - then who the heck sold me another bestla at 182? 183.5 and I’ll take it tho


Now that’s a plot twist!

duel,I agree

contract created

ok thank you.