WTS: Bestla (SOLD can close)

Sold can close

Assuming it is in an NPC station (4-4 CNAP?) - I’m willing to buy it for 163B.

Please contract it to myself.

It is in Jita 4-4 I will contract it to you for 168b if you’d like.

I can do 165. ISK is liquid and in hand.

If you can do 167b I’ll contract when I’m home.

Toss in some booze and dancers and it’s a party… I’ll do 167.


Contract will be up in 9ish hours, I’m currently at work.



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I currently have 2 contracts assigned to me - can you confirm which one is you? (I’m available ingame)

Mine is not up yet, it will be from this toon in about 15-20mins.

Apologies work went late, I will convo you in game when I log in.

All good - sale completed - Fly Dangerous!

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