WTS Bestla(Sold), Cybele (Sold) and 30k PLex

Bestla for sale - 240bn Firm price, if you’re a reseller or have an opinion please kindly dont bother. - Sold
Cybele 320bn - Sold
30k Plex at 5.4m per, bulk only. Thanks

WTB Keepstar - bought

Contract the Bestla to this character

Up on contracts

Bestla Sold
10k Plex Sold



310b for the Cybele?

still got plex?

320 and its yours, mail me which toon to contract it to

I’ll take 8960 PLEX @ 5.15 m if you’re still selling

if have any plex left - send all to me

hi All, I have plex left but I see plex prices have changed. If you want them at 5.4 i can send 30k or so :slight_smile:

I can take 30k for 5.3m per if that works for you

I’ll also take 8960 PLEX @ 5.3 if it’s okay

Anyone would happily take plex under jita buy :slight_smile: price is as above

5.35m per and you have a deal

I’ll do 5.35. Sorry for many posts.

This one

Contract is up

@Battlewarlord_Oblivion contract all of the plexes to me at 5.4mil each