WTS both nyx/Aeon well trained driver for 58b

Nyx V
Aeon V
heavy fighters V
have 66m skillpoint
passwd 3215
amarr battleship V

B/O price 55b

Ill UP my offer to 31 Bil

passwd :3215

28b was not enough

30b offer

sorry at least 60b :frowning:

I am sorry, but no one here is going to offer 60B on this char. The two offers you have already received are pretty fair valuation just so you know.

bomp :slight_smile:

I personally think that if you wait you maybe able to get up to 50B but 60 is near impossible

57B i might accept


bump o/

bomp o/

bump o/

bump o/

34 bil b/o

bump still selling

bump o/

bump o/

35 bil b/o