WTS : BPC market : capital ME10's / supers / structures / Titan

Hello there ,

the following kits are for sale all are located in Jita 4-4 , you can eve mail me for a Price on them and i send ASAP a price back , lower then contracts and prolly the best price around at the given moment.

Old forum post :

Bulk orders can be placed also !

Special request are also posible , like weekly supply of several kits for a named period.

Mail me ingame or start a convo if you need more information

40Run copys - bulk orders get discount
Stock - Type (update 06/10/19)

106 x Capital Propulsion Engine|
180 x Capital Sensor Cluster|
86 x Capital Armor Plates|
88 x Capital Capacitor Battery|
68 x Capital Power Generator|
70 x Capital Shield Emitter|
95 x Capital Jump Drive|
206 x Capital Drone Bay|
76 x Capital Computer System|
178 x Capital Construction Parts|
67 x Capital Ship Maintenance Bay|
123 x Capital Corporate Hangar Bay|
43 x Capital Clone Vat Bay|
68 x Capital Turret Hardpoint|
84 x Capital Siege Array|
63 x Capital Launcher Hardpoint Blueprint|
281 x Capital Cargo Bay|
16 x Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount|
0 x Capital Jump Bridge Array|

Capital Industrial

Rorqual ME10 - TE14
Rorqual ME8 - TE10
Orca ME10 - TE14
Orca ME8 - TE10


Archon ME10 - TE10
Chimera ME10 - TE10
Thanatos ME10 - TE10
Nidhoggur ME10 - TE10

Hel ME8 - TE10
Hel ME8 - TE10
Hel ME8 - TE10
Nyx ME8 - TE10
Aeon ME8 - TE10
Wyvern ME8 - TE10

Avatar ME7 - TE12


Revelation ME10 - TE10
Phoenix ME10 - TE10
Moros ME10 - TE10
Naglfar ME10 - TE10

Force Auxiliaries

Apostle ME9 - TE12
Minokawa ME9 - TE12
Ninazu ME9 - TE12
Lif ME9 - TE12


Provedance ME10 - TE14
Charon ME10 - TE14
Obelisk ME10 - TE10
Fenrir ME10 - TE10
Bowhead ME10 - TE10

most of the ships i have also ME8 and ME9 copys on stock

Parts BPC i can suply in 10 run or 40 run depending on request and stock 10/20


Astrahus ME7 - TE10
Fortizar ME9 - TE8
Fortizar ME7 - TE8
Raitaru ME0 - TE6
Azbel ME3 - TE10
Athanor ME5 - TE10
Tatara ME5 - TE10

component BPC also on stock ME9

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Interested in the 4 dreads and Orca. Can you please provide a price for them?

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Thanks for the price request

Sended a Quote to your ingame mailbox

How much for a Phoenix BPC pack?

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Bump , special offers for the end of the year

Bump , alot of kits on stock in jita , mail me for the best price


Fresh kits on stock in Jita 4/4
updated component list 10Runs


where can i get the price?
maybe u can send mail to the charactor:jc alba

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Bump - fresh stock in jita


Bump - fresh stock in jita


Bumpy - Avatar added


Up we go Bump

Do you sell your Avatar BPO?

Bump 2 the top , fresh stock


Fresh stock in jita