[WTS] BPO, BPC T1, T2 - Stock sale!

Buy some 0/0 BPO, for less than NPC value!
All is located in Jita

Open to offers find me on ingame mail or #q.rush on discord

Various BPO
Standup Ballistic Control 10/16 - 100m
Standup Missile Guidance Enhancer 9/14 - 100m
Standup Signal Amplifier 9/0 - 70m

Standup XL-Set BPO 0/0 - 2,4b/p
Equipment and Consumable Manufacturing Efficiency
EW and Emissions Co-ordinator
Extinction level Weapons Suite
Laboratory Optimization
Missile Fire Control Computer
Ship Manufacturing Efficiency
Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency
All 7 XL-set BPO for 16b

T2 BPO - Copies 10/20-10 runs
220x 100mn Afterburner II - 3,5m/p
230x 500mn Microwarpdrive II - 3,5m/p
330x Medium Armor Repairer II - 2m/p
250x Covert ops Cloaking Device II - 11m/p
1.260x Miner II - 1,75m/p
1.490x Power Diagnostic System II 1,75m/p

10/20 -1 Run
120x Manticore -3,25m/p
Can offer bulk discounts, please think of Contract limits

T2 Dread/Lancer BPC 5/10 - 1 Run
4x Bane - 140m/p
4x Hubris - 150m/p
4x Karura - 200m/p
5x Valravn - 140m/p

2x Nomad 5/10 - 150m/p
1x Anshar 3/2 - 4 Run - 200m/p
2x Rhea 3/2 - 3 Run - 180m/p

Thread updated, first BPO/C ate on personal contracts

Lance BPO and Trig BPC have been sold!
Get some cheap Blueprints

Always open to offers


Up for sale

Grab some nice BPO

Cleaned the first post

Up up!

BPO’s are under NPC

Nice T2 BPC for you T2 production

Some of the Lancer and JF BPC are up on public contracts

Some BPC are up on personal contracts sold

First post updated