[WTS] Build Packs Capitals/Structures

All packs contain enough BPC to build everything you see on the Ship BPC.
Do you need a Custom pack? Contact me!

Titan ME9 build packs (ME10 comp) - 2b/p

  • 4x 1x Avatar
  • 2x 1x Leviathan
  • 3x 2x Ragnarok

Super ME9 build packs (ME10 comp) - 725m/p
comes with some assorted Fighter T1/T2 BPC

  • 3x 1x Aeon
  • 3x 2x Hel
  • 3x Wyvern
  • 1x Nyx ME10 (800m)

Special Editions (All ME10)

  • 1x Build 5 Orca’s-Pack - 150m
  • 2x 1x Build 5 Apostle-Pack - 500m/p
  • 1x Build 5 Lif-Pack - 500m

Structures (All ME10)

  • 5x Astrahus - 12m/p
  • 5x Athanor - 85m/p (With Moon mining Rigs II BPC)
  • 5x Raitaru - 12m/p

5% discount when buying 2 or more packs
10% discount when buying 5 or more packs

Build-kits for sale!

2x Aeon build-kit is up on contract!
Good luck on getting them pieces together :brick:

Added a Nyx Pack, with an ME10 BPC

Amarr Packs are wanted. Updated numbers

Availability updated

The ME10 Nyx Pack sold. Made a ME9 on request.

One more Avatar sold, made a new one!

Numbers updated