WTS Titan & Super BPCs

Ragnarok ME6TE10 - 1 available
Ragnarok ME6TE8 - 1 available
Avatar ME6TE6 - 1 available
Leviathan ME6TE10 - 1 available
Hel ME6TE10 - 6 available
Hel ME7TE10 - 3 available
Nyx ME9TE10 - 2 available
Send evemail for price I will always beat Jita contract prices

Still selling

hi wtb Ragnarok bpc how much?


A price quote for a Nyx BPC (and when is it going to be ready) ?


Clan and Black check evemails

updated available bpcs

updated available

wt b Leviathan ME6TE10 - 0 *2 how mach

updated available.

updated available.

how much for avatar 6-10

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