WTS Bulk Freighter 10/18 BPCs

I have a significant stockpile of Charon and Providence 10/18 BPCs i’m looking to liquidate.

50 x Charon 10/18s
44 x Providence 10/18s

Asking 15m/ea. Looks like contracts start about 15, for ME8s, and 10s are 20+ if you can find them.

I also have a significant number of Orca Copies and some 5/10 Anshar/Nomad BPCs as well. Willing to invent more for those interested.

Also willing to sell the BPOs for the right offer (and would appreciate a price check on them, both for 10/18 and if I put in the months for them to be 10/20s).

I tried to mail you, but you seem to have charges on, so I my app blocks sending.

Could you please remove the charges, so I can contact you? Or can you send me your discord details?

Didn’t realize they had been enabled! I think I saw your chat attempt. i’ve removed those charges now (looks like I had it set to 1 isk).

Mail send!

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