WTS Freighter BPO's (All Types) 2.15bn each ME 8 TE 10

Just a quick note to all of our previous customers, Razortech Logistics is now back up and running at what it does best and this time we are offering 30 very highly researched freighter BPO’s.

We have for sale:-

***** PRICE REDUCTION ******

  • 8 Charon BPO’s researched to ME8, TE 10 for sale at 2.15bn each.
  • 10 Obelisk BPO’s researched to ME8, TE10 for sale at 2.15bn each.
  • 8 Providence BPO’s researched to ME8, TE10 for sale at 2.15bn each.

PM in game please to Serena OR post here. Contract will be placed in high sec approx 5 jumps from Jita.

Thank you for your interest in us and we hope to speak with you soon.

Serena Kavalle
Razortech Logistics

Bump, price reduction.

All BPO’s reduced by 1bn so now 2.75bn each. Flat rate.

Bump further reduction.

All prints now 2.4bn each

I’ll take one Charon bpo please

One Charon bpo to me please

Thank you both, Contracts up at 2.4bn for 7 days.

Many thanks

8 Charon BPO’s remaining at 2.4bn each, ME8 TE10

We also have 3 Drake BPO’s researched to ME10 and TE20, these are 750m each if anyone is interested.

Also if ANYONE has any specific research requests we can take new assignments. Please PM directly to discuss.

1 Contract requested in error for Charon BPO therefore we still have 9 available. These must go so we are reducing by another 100mil to 2.3bn. This is now practically NPC prices for very highly researched prints.

Daily bump.

I would like to buy 2 Providence BPO for 4.4 bil. Is this price ok for you?

We will go with that. Thank you. Contract will be up shortly for you and we will drop you a PM to confirm.

Much appreciated.


Daily bump, we are open to deals on more than one print so feel free to make us an offer.

roll up roll up, these are so cheap, re-selling is an option!

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily Bump, we still have lots of Freighter BPO’s left and will knock another 50 million off each print, so they are now 2.25b each.

Another day another bump. Come on folks these prices are soooooo cheap :smiley:

Charon BPO - offer 2.2b

Xad, no reasonable offer refused, contract will be up for you immediately after cluster reboot. VM Appreciated.

Daily bump