WTS the following ORE ship BPOs:

Covetor ME10 / TE20 (cheapest Jita: 6.0b) - 3.90b - SOLD
Retriever ME10 / TE20 (cheapest Jita: 2.79b) - 2.65b - SOLD
Procurer ME10 / TE20 (cheapest Jita: 2.29b) - 2.2b - SOLD
Porpoise ME10 / TE20 (cheapest Jita: 1.45b) - 1.3b - SOLD
Noctis ME10 / TE20 (cheapest Jita: 0.996b) - 0.9b - SOLD
Orca ME09 / TE16 (cheapest Jita: 2.24b) - 2.2b - SOLD

Latest industry price changes made researching them incredibly costly, the prices will only rise!
Cheapest offers to buy them all individually from the public contracts

If you decide to split the covetor and retriever bpos I might be interested.

Thanks for your messsage, but not at the moment, they eat no ISK and still produce good profits from copying while I hold them.


Hello, still on the market ? want to buy it

got a mail some hours ago, but from a different Char, was that you? If not, he has the first chance, since he was earlier to contact me. I’ll update the topic wether the deal has been accepted or not.

yes it was me hehe. ready to buy the pack when you are. you can do the contract to Annah Von Castel and it’s done.

will do. Thx!

You have a contract.


Buyer has not responded nor accepted the contract made. BPOs for sale again.

Prices updated (Jita Contracts). 12B new pack price.

11 for all of it.

@Susej_Togenada no thx, they generate good profits from the copies alone, so I am in no hurry to sell them. Prices will only go up after the research cost index changes and I am already offering a huge discount on the individual contract prices. You’d pay more than 15b currently if you would want to buy all of them from the contracts.


updated current Jita Prices 17.Dec.2023

12.5B new pack price

But is that a 10/20?


Saving 3b over indivdual contracts (cheapest Jita updated today!)


individual sales now open:

  • Retriever sold.

I will react only to ingame mails!


  • Covetor sold

Mail me if interested!


still cheaper than all public contracts!

- mail me if interested -

  • Noctis sold
  • Porpoise sold

some still available, cheaper than public contracts:
– mail me if interested –

still selling, still cheaper than all public contracts!

! mail me if interested !

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