WTS unresearched ORE BPOs

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you want a ORE BPO but you don’t want the hassle to fly into 0.0 and catch them. Or you have better things to do to make ISK than flying around?

I will fetch ORE BPOs for you and set up a contract in Jita 4-4 with the desired BPOs for you.

For my services I charge 15% of the NPC BPO price.

NPC prices are as follow:
Rorqual: 3000M
Orca: 900M
Porpoise: 600M
Noctis: 390M
Covetor: 2000M
Procurer: 1400M
Retriever: 1700M
Bowhead: 1550M
Venture: 2.825M

So e.g. a Rorqual BPO would be contracted to you for 3450M

Orders with a value of 10B (NPC price) or above get a 2% discount
Orders with a value of 25B (NPC price) or above get a 4% discount

Please be aware that there a several BPOs that might be cheaper at the market than using my service. Currently these are the Orca BPO and the Covetor BPO. However this might change with discounts for a higher Order Value. I strongly recommend to check Jita market before sending me an order and using my service!

I might split orders into several contracts, but you will always get the discount of your full order.

Depending on the saftey of the transport, orders might take a while to fulfil.

Please send orders per ingame Mail to Ferdinand Anneto only.

I will not read this topic an a frequent basis.

Hope you enjoy my service and fly safe.


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Service is still available.

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