[Ongoing] BPO and BPC Sales - Rorqual BPO added

Everything is in Jita 4-4.

Some of the larger ticket BPOs:
Revelation 9/16, 4b
Rorqual, 9/10, 6b
Capital Propulsion Engine, 10/16, 1.8b
Fenrir 9/16, 3b - on public contracts
Bowhead 10/14, 3.8b
Apostle 8/14 1.6b
Anaconda Mine, 0/0 1.75b - on public contracts
Scorpion, 10/12, 1.4b - on public contracts

All the following are 10/20 BPOs:
Retriever 2.475b - on public contracts
Drake 750m - on public contracts
Dragonfly I 390m - on public contracts

Some general pricing:
20m for 10/20 fuel block BPOs
15m for individual 10/20 T2 Component BPOs
12.5m per for buying 8 or more 10/20 T2 Component BPOs
Current component BPO stocks (updated October 19th):

BPOs I have as 10/20s (updated October 19th):

10/0 BPOs:

0/0 Unpackaged BPOs:
80% NPC price for any print.

T2 BPCs:
If interested in something, ask regarding ME/TE. Open to suggestions on where would be better to list them

Ascendancy BPCs, please ignore evepraisal’s confusion with BPOS:

Abyssal BPCs, please ignore evepraisal’s confusion with BPOS:

I have all non-capital/non-remote Ancillary shield boosters/armor repairer BPCs.
I have most integrated drone BPCs.

Will list more BPCs and BPOs later, will also try to keep this updated as things are acquired or sold.

Open to offers. If I have been undercut on public contracts I will generally be willing to negotiate a lower price. Mail this character in game or reply here for questions/offers/pricing/etc.

Ill take the Raven BPO

and what price for all BPOs in the second link?


Shoot me a reasonable price.

Where is the location of these papers?

interested in:
Photon Microprocessor Blueprint x2
Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plate Blueprint x2
Oscillator Capacitor Unit Blueprint x2
Pulse Shield Emitter Blueprint x2

And gimme a price for all the retri bpc

Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/16 2b

send me contract,thank you

how much for the following BPO"s:

1 Fusion XL Blueprint
1 EMP XL Blueprint
2 Adaptive Invulnerability Field I Blueprint

Raven BPO Sold to @Claire_Elarik
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay Sold to @daruirui_ruirui
@Mad_Vemane contract is up on the components. The retri BPCs are two 4 run 3/2s, and four 2 run 4/14s, 20m for the lot? (1.25m/run)
@Bionik20 25m each for the XL ammo BPOs, 20m each for the Adaptive BPOs.

@Trash_Queen and @Claire_Elarik I’d rather not try to figure out a reasonable price for entire containers if I don’t have to as I am not looking to firesale things. If there are some prints in particular that you are after let me know.

I’ll be updating the OP with some more prints shortly.

Will have a deeper look and will text you if i can figure out a deal.

contract them to me, thanks.

Contract is up.

Would you take 1.3 for the Capital Sensor Cluster?

@Not_4_Sale I could do 1.4b if that works, but not going down to 1.3.

A number of new big ticket items to add, will be editing them in to the OP:
Rorqual BPO, 8/16 6b

All the following are 10/20 BPOs
Capital Construction Parts 1.7b
Capital Cargo Bay 1.2b
Capital Jump Drive 2b
Capital Armor Plates 1.8b
Capital Propulsion Engine 2.2b
Retriever 2.5b
Procurer 2.5b
Covetor 2.8b

Capital Construction Parts 1.7b
send me contract

Capital Construction Parts sold, Apostle 8/10 sold, Structure Reprocessing Facility added.
Also Bump.

Sold Covetor BPO, put the other barges up on public contracts (best 10/20 prices available at the time of this post). Still plenty of BPOs to sell, open to offers.

Sold several of the cap components.

Price updates:
Apostle 7/10 1.45 -> 1.35b
Bulk Component price 13m per -> 12.5m per

New BPOs:
Chimera 9/14 2.1b
Obelisk 8/16 2.8b
Capital Drone Bay x2 10/20 1.4b each

More new BPOs:
Fenrir 9/16, 3.3b
Bowhead 8/16, 2.8b
Noctis 10/18, 750m
Tornado 10/20, 900m

Drone bays are now sold out

Chimera sold, Procurer sold
Tornado up on public contracts at 900m, Fenrir up at 3.3b, Noctis up at 735m, Capital Sensor Cluster up at 1.4b.

Tornado sold, Capital Sensor Cluster sold.
Omen 10/20 added to public contracts at 125m.

Anaconda mine BPO added - 1.75b

Jump drive and bowhead now up on public contracts.