BPOs for sale

(Patricia Orama) #1

Have the following BPOs for sale.

  1. Capital Hangar Bay - 8/0 - 1.9b
  2. Procuror - 10/14 - 2b
  3. Capital Armor Plates - 8/0 - 1.5b
  4. Capital Computer Systems - 8/0 - 1.3b
  5. Harbinger - 8/0 - 625m
  6. Drake - 10/20 - 950m
  7. Ferox - 8/16 - 800m

I do not log on often on this character, please post in this thread if you have interest for one of them.

You can also make offers, if reasonable they will be accepted.

(Bionik20) #2

are these located in Jita? if so, contact them to me.

(Patricia Orama) #3

Contract up.

(Patricia Orama) #4


(Patricia Orama) #5


(Patricia Orama) #6

Today only, 5% discount on all prices listed above.

(Patricia Orama) #7


(Patricia Orama) #8


(Patricia Orama) #9

Still available.

(Patricia Orama) #10

Still for sale.

(CopyCatz) #11

3.6B for both

(Patricia Orama) #12

Make it 3.9b and you have a deal.

(CopyCatz) #13

3.8 final offer. please contract to me if agreed.

(Brakin Even) #14

I will offer you 3.9 billion for both procuror and covetor BPO as you wish.

I would also like to offer 1.4 for the orca BPO

Total together: 5,3 billion ISK. Do you accept?

If so, please contract to this character.

(Patricia Orama) #15

Will contact Brakin_Even tonight through mail to finalize contract.
5.3b accepted.

(Brakin Even) #16

@Patricia_Orama, I’d like your retriever BPO as well. I’ll pay your 2 billion.

So with that added to the previous offer, that will be 7.3 billion ISK.

If that’s cool with you, please contract that as well to me when you are online.

Thank you

(Patricia Orama) #17

OP updated with current stock available.

(Patricia Orama) #18

Still have some available.

(system) #19

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