WTS Bulk limited edition items, Good opportunity for investors

I’m selling my can of limited edition items, you will find rare skins, rare clothings and limited edition stuff.

Here’s what is included: Evepraisal - Appraisal 1170do: 6.08 Billion Buy / 23.05 Billion Sell

I’m asking 15b (or best offer) for that, it’s currently valued at 23b by evepraisal so if you have the patience to sell them it is a really good investment opportunity.

All items are in Jita 4-4

Contact me ingame if you want to buy something specific from the list but I’ll give priority to peoples who want to buy in bulk.

Thank you

I will buy all the capsule skins and female clothes you have!

Feel free to contract to Myrhea.

Hi, thanks for your interest, I’m only selling in bulk at the moment, feel free to contact me with your best offer for everything.

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