WTS: C1 Excellent PI hole with LS static

Hey peoples :slight_smile: Found a solid PI hole. Planets are:

  • 2x Plasma
  • 1x Lava
  • 3x Gas
  • 2x Barren
  • 1x Oceanic
  • 1x Storm

Is a c1 with a lowsec static and no effects. Only has 5x dead towers (no shields) with mods scattered around them. No citadels at all. Last meaningful activity in Nov, 2021 on zkill but nothing recent that indicates anyone lives here. If they are, they’re living out of a mobile depot (of which I found none with combat probes).

Selling for 1.5b considering the planet layout and open to offers. Will share J sig upon deposit, but location only after full payment (seems to be the way people roll). Preferably half up front. Haven’t sold a hole in awhile and also open to feedback if I’m not doing this right lol. I can best be contacted ingame on IndyGos or via this thread. Will share discord with interested buyers.

Also apologies for the double post, was trying to get tags to work.

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

This one sold, but have many more available and will find custom holes upon request :slight_smile:

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